Focusing on functional movement and essential conditioning in a fun, supportive group environment.



BRIO Bootcamps run all year long indoors at CrossFit BRIO South and outdoors from May-Sept at Rotary Park in Saskatoon. They are a great challenge for fitness freaks and escalator-abusers alike. BRIO bootcamps will use our mantra of variety and intensity to banish sloth and flab to where ever it is hammer pants and the music of yanni went. 

Each session our bootcamp coach will throw down a fresh guerilla ambush's worth of challenges for body and brain alike, fueling constant gains and fending off boredom. Expect to find yourself running like you stole something from the mall, jumping like Kris Kross always told you, and slamming sandbags like it's a regular meeting of rageaholics anonymous. Possible other activities include herding turkeys, punching slabs of beef, and wrestling live crocodiles* 

*No, not really... Too bad though right?