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RX Lifestyle - May

May 1, 2023 - May 31, 2023

About this course

CrossFit is a lifestyle characterized by safe effective fitness and sound nutrition. The BRIO Lifestyle emphasizes good habits that support your long term physical and mental wellbeing. Avoid processed food, cool it with your drinking, stay hydrated, give your guts a rest, get outside, and stay active in your daily life. Just like a workout, to RX your lifestyle requires that you complete all components as prescribed: - no flour, sugar, or seed oils (aka vegetable oil) - ie no processed food - no alcohol - drink 16oz of water in the morning before anything else goes in your face - all food consumed in a <12 hour window - 20 min outside - physical activity two separate times in the day For a more in-depth explanation of each part, head to Stack as many good days together as you can each month. You'll earn 10 reps for every RX day you log and 100 bonus reps for making the Lifestyle Committed Club with 20 RX days. Interested in leveling up your habits even further? Complete The Grit Grind 75 day challenge for a 1000 rep bonus!

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