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Saturday Dec 17, 2016

We're just 8 days away from the grestest tradition in the world of BRIO - our annual Christmas Burpees! On Dec 25, our workout of the day will be "150 burpees, for time". Every year we have people completing burpees all over the map, in their pajamas, while cooking a turkey, out in the snow, anything goes! Send us pictures or video of your burpees and you unlock a coupon to purchase anywhere from 2-12 months of unlimited CrossFit at the best price we offer all year. More details will be posted in the coming days...

OTM x 12 Odd - Push Press x 3 - build from 60% Even - Strict Toe to Bar

AMRAP in 15 min: 12 Box Jumps (30") 9 Power Snatch (115/80#) 6 Bar Muscle-Ups

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