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Monday Feb 6, 2017

It's BRING A FRIEND Day! Visitors are welcome to join us for a free workout in any class, at either location, all day long.

with a partner: 10 rounds each, alternating rounds Row 150/100m 10/6 thrusters (45/35) 10/6 burpees



A few of our busier classes have been experiencing a problem. A handful of people are signing in days ahead of time but then frequently cancelling last minute. This fills up the class capacity and leaves other willing athletes on the waitlist, unable to get in to the class or getting in to the class without enough notice to actually make it to the gym.

We've decided to move our cancellation window from 15 minutes to 1 hour. Other studios offering fitness classes have standard cancellation policies of 4 - 6 hours (we've checked) so one hour is still very generous. Cancelling less than an hour before the class or not showing up will now result in a "late cancel" on your profile. Accumulate too many "late cancels" in a month and you'll lose your advanced sign in privileges.

We ask that you respect the gym, your fellow athletes, and our commitment to a low coach to athlete ratio by not signing in for a class that you are not legitimately planning to attend. We understand that life occasionally gets in the way at the last minute, but please do not make a habit of appearing on our "frequent cancellers" list. Thanks in advance for your commitment to BRIO and our community.

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