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Wed March 22, 2017

25 Hang Power Snatch (75/55)

50 Ab mat Sit Ups

100 Double Unders

20 Hang Power Snatch

40 Ab mat sit ups

80 Double Unders

15 Hang Power Snatch

30 Ab Mat Sit Ups

60 Double Unders

10 Hang Power Snatch

20 Ab Mat Sit Ups

40 Double Unders

5 Hang Power Snatch

10 Ab Mat Sit Ups

20 Double Unders

Cash out EMOMx6: 8 DB Thrusters (50s/35s)


Eating Well At An All-Inclusive Resort

by Stephanie Brooks, RD of Vitality Nutrition

When you hear the words “all inclusive resort” the first things that come to mind are sugary margaritas, tequila, endless buffets, and a la carte restaurants. Over February break, I travelled to Puerto Vallarta for a friend’s wedding. We stayed at an all inclusive resort complete with swim up bars and access to food 24 hours a day. When going on vacation, follow these tips to help you stay on track of your nutrition and fitness goals!

Scope out the buffet

Before you pick up a plate, walk around the buffet to see what your options are. The first thing you see when you walk into the breakfast buffet is a display of donuts and loaves. Beside the pastries are trays of churros and sugar-coated French toast. Instead of grabbing what you see first, walk around the entire buffet. As you walk around, you begin to see that there are healthy options including an omelette station with fresh vegetables, oatmeal, hard boiled eggs and a large variety of fruit. I would have my favourite breakfast meal of two eggs and toast followed by a small bowl of oatmeal.

Grab small plates

There is usually a variety of dinnerware at the buffet ranging from small dessert plates to over-sized dinner plates. Grab the smaller plates to trick your brain into thinking you are eating more. You will also be unable to fill any empty space with excessive portions of food.

Start your day off right

Having a well-balanced breakfast and lunch allows for more flexibility in the evening. Make sure your breakfast includes protein to keep you satisfied throughout the morning. As someone who loves my breakfast routine, I found it easy to avoid the pastries and sugary foods. For lunch, focus on filling your plate with vegetables and have a lean protein. My favourite meal was a large salad topped with salmon and a side of rice. Sticking to my plan for breakfast and lunch allowed for more flexibility in the evenings when we ate at the a la carte restaurants.

Be active

Although I did take my gym shoes to Mexico, I admit that they stayed at the bottom of my bag the whole time. Rather than spending my time in the gym, I tried to keep as active as possible while relaxing at the beach. Break up your day of relaxing with walks along the beach. Most resorts offer a variety of watersports including paddle boarding and boogie boarding.

Don’t drink your calories

Avoid sugar-loaded margaritas, daiquiris, and pina coladas. If you would like a drink, try a light beer or hard alcohol mixed with club soda or sparkling water. Another option is to bring Mio or Crystal Light along with you to flavour your beverages. Remember to drink water throughout the day to prevent dehydration.

Enjoy yourself

Last but not least, relax and focus on enjoying the time with family or friends. This will help you feel recharged to get right back into routine once you get back.

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