Wed April 12, 2017

3 Rounds: 15 HSPU - [or push ups] 15 Thrusters (95/65) 15 Toes to Bar 15 Deadlifts (185/125) 15 Burpees 15 KBS (24/16kg) 15 Pull-ups


Nutrition Wednesday with Coach Courtney, RD

Mexican Inspired Slow Cooker Beef Carnitas

Fitness and nutrition professionals often say that to get in shape you should think of food as “fuel.” If we all thought of food as fuel, reaching our nutrition goals would be so easy! However, food is more than fuel for the majority of people. Food is our fuel source to energize our day, but it also is central to any celebration, times of grieving, traditions, social interactions, culture, and is straight-up enjoyable! I am always amazed at the power of food and its meaning in different contexts or stages of life.

In my profession, food is considered from a scientific perspective by analyzing the macronutrient, micronutrient, and chemistry of the ingredients. But that’s not our only perspective. Lately, I have considered my own story and what food means to me. What I brainstormed:

  • I’m a granddaughter. I can’t turn down my Grandpa’s homemade salmon sandwich that we enjoy every year on his birthday.

  • I’m an athlete. I want to know what and how much I am eating to fuel my workouts.

  • I’m hangry. When I get hungry I need to eat immediately to avoid harming others!

  • I’m a sweet tooth. I will never say no to licking the beaters from freshly whipped buttercream frosting or tasting the cookie dough raw fr