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Sunday April 23, 2017

AMRAP in 5 min: DB Snatch (50/35) AMRAP in 5 min: Row Cals AMRAP in 5 min: Burpees (6" touch) AMRAP in 5 min: Muscle Ups [scale to 3 ring rows + 3 ring dips]


11am Monster Mash - a high volume does of pure CrossFit, designed for the experienced CrossFitter

A) Alternating with a partner: Row technique B) EMOM x 12: Taps Drills C) Masters Qualifier Workout #1 AMRAP in 20 min: 100 DB Snatch (50/35) 80 Cal Row 60 Bar Facing Burpees 40 Muscle Ups

Just like The Open (and because this Monster Mash) be ready to take on this workout as written. If you do not yet have muscle ups, that's ok! You will do as much as you can, as fast as you can, to get the best tie-break time at the end of the burpees.

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