Wed July 5, 2017

With a partner 15 min AMRAP 20 WallBalls 20 Box jumps 200m run Cash out 1 min Assault bike cals



By Coach Courtney, RD

I recently discovered a hack to turn Flat Out "Fold It" wraps into taco shells. Most taco shells are low in fibre. I enjoy using the Flat Out wraps as a higher fibre alternative - they worked great as taco shells for this recipe!

Check out this comparison of the regular taco shells (serving size is 3 shells) compared to a Flat Out Multigrain Fold It (serving size is 1 Fold It. The recipe below uses 1.5 of the Fold Its).

Unfortunately, my grocery store did not have the multigrain variety available so I opted for the Olive Oil and Rosemary flavour that is slightly lower in fibre. You can find the brand "Flat Out" at Co-op Marketplace, Wal-mart, Hygeia Health Market (Saskatoon), or online at Low Carb Grocery.