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Week 2 Recap

Two scoring opportunities in 18.2 means double the points and double the fun! We're super proud to see everyone's hard work throughout the year paying off with lots of fast times and PR cleans! The CrossFit BRIO team took 1st place in Canada West on 18.2a and have moved up to 7th overall! Green to the Extreme takes over the lead this week, thanks in part to having the most number of team members present for Saturday's Throwdown. They also took the Spirit Award with their snacks, BCAA shooters, and loads of green outfits and got their give-back points for organizing an ongoing bottle drive, the proceeds of which will be donated to STARS Air Ambulance. Award winners this week: HUSTLER - goes to Crystal Carter, who a few short months ago was in a boot recovering from surgery to re-attach a torn achilles. She trained hard around her injury and now well on the road to full function, she was able to complete all 55 burpees as RX with the two foot hop over the bar. Amazing!! TECHNIQUE - goes to Jory Cooper for his beauty cleans, resulting in a 278lb lift. Jory started at BRIO when he was 15 and has earned his great technique through years and years and years of practice. Way to go!! RX Women 18.2 1st - Carly Neil (5:05) 2nd - Bonnie Maclean (5:09) 3rd - Courtney Berg (5:44) RX Women 18.2a 1st - Courtney Berg (202lbs) 2nd - Hannah Gillon (197lbs) 3rd - Jocelyn Rylee (193lbs) RX Men 18.2 1st - Parker Siemens (5:00) 2nd - Jared Aumiller (5:10) 3rd - Iain Maclean (5:32) RX Men 18.2a 1st - Graham Unruh. Notably, Graham's 368lb clean was the top score in our region and 70th in the WORLD. Wow!! 2nd - Iain Maclean (327lbs) 3rd - Patrick Lewis (282lbs) Scaled Women 18.2 1st - Tayler McCarty (6:01) 2nd - Amanda Onishenko (6:44) 3rd - Kalene Kammer (7:09) Scaled Women 18.2a 1st - Tayler McCarty (150lbs) 2nd - Ashala Jacobson (135lbs) 3rd - Tori Brown (135lbs) Scaled Men 18.2 1st - Greg Potter (7:18) 2nd - Roger Parenteau (8:41) 3rd - Troy Wruck (8:59) Scaled Men 18.2a 1st - Roger Parenteau (185lbs) 2nd - Murray Nelson (185lbs) 3rd - Greg Potter (170lbs) What will week three have in store for us? We'll find out Thursday!

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