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Monday June 11, 2018

Thanks to all the amazing volunteers and organizers that made the Be Like Bruce Fitness Festival such a great weekend! Reebok Crossfit 306, Jason Cain, Rebecca Winterhalt, as well as the Triathlon Club put in a ton of work to pull this off.  It was tons of fun and a very successful fundraiser for pancreatic cancer research in honor of Bruce Gordon. His wide reaching impact on many communities within Saskatoon was sure evident this weekend ❤ Congrats to all the studs from #teambrio who took on this challenge! What an awesome bunch 💪 Podium finishes included: 1st place women's scaled: Kelsey, Brittany, and Kim 3rd place men's Rx: Jeff, Graham, and Glendon 2nd place men's RX: Parker, Pat, and Brandon 3rd place Women's RX: Tarra, Hannah, and Kristi 2nd Place Women's RX: Dr. Julie with Whitney and Chelsea from Pure Athletics 1st Place Women's RX: Bonnie, Jocelyn, and Carly 


Snatch Pull + Snatch High Pull + Hang Snatch + Overhead squat OT90 x 8 - build from 50 up to 80% 

3 rounds 60 sec Assault Cals 30 Sec Bar MU or CTB Pull ups Rest 90 secs 60 Sec Row Cals 30 Sec HSPU or DB Push Press Rest 90 Sec 

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