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Friday June 29, 2018

Setting up BRIO South - Oct 2014

It's the very last day for the old location of BRIO South!! Exciting times are ahead this weekend as we move operations across the street to the new location!  For nostalgia's sake (and because some equipment has already been disassembled!) we'll be redoing the very first workout that ever took place there back on Oct 1, 2014:

Row 1k

5 rounds

- 30 wall balls

- 15 push ups


BRIO East will be continuing with the Voodoo Fitness Fest pre-challenge wods:

Voodoo WOD #2

EMOM X 6: 4/2 Bar Muscle ups Max DB trusters (50/35lb) Open = 5 pullups, (35/20)

Beginner = 5 jumping pullups, (20/15) OTM x 15 - 40/20 work/rest 1) Double Unders 2) HSPU Walk or progression 3) Pistols or progression 

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