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Fri Sept 21, 2018

OTM x 12 Odd (rounds 1-3): 3 Deadlift @ 75% Odd (rounds 4-6): 10 RDL at 25% Even: 2 Push Press - build from 70% 4 rounds:

In 90 secs

250/200m Row or Ski

Max T2B

Rest 90 secs


The Take 30 Nutrition Challenge

Take 30 days to learn 30 fundamental habits, optimize body composition, and build confidence. From October 1st to 30th you have the opportunity to partake in the CrossFit BRIO Fall Nutrition Challenge with Vitality Nutrition.

Start: Monday, October 1st

End: Sunday, October 30th

Information Meeting: Thursday, September 27th at 7:30-8:30pm CrossFit BRIO South (click here to sign up)

Where: information will be shared through a custom log-in on the Vitality Nutrition website and daily emails. Participants have the option to join the private Facebook group for additional support from peers. (More info will be sent to those who register!).

Price: $75

Inside the challenge you will find:

  • A daily challenge specific to optimizing food choices

  • Customized macronutrient targets specific to your goals

  • Core habits to lose body fat, improve energy, and optimize WODs

  • Understanding of the role of protein, fats, and carbs for energy and performance

  • How to use the MyFitnessPal App

  • Specific meal and snack ideas

  • Grocery shopping list

  • Macronutrient planning cheat sheets

  • Nutrition tips for exercise recovery and performance

  • Understanding of whether intermittent fasting is right for you

  • A private Facebook group for motivation, inspiration, and support from peers

  • Inspiration and tips from successful Vitality clients

  • And more!

What can the Take 30 Challenge do for me?

Here’s the thing. A single “perfect diet” doesn’t exist. At Vitality Nutrition we don’t believe there is a single, positively, without-a-doubt, best diet for ever person to follow for their entire life. The good news? You can still lose weight, improve your brain power, increase your energy, and perform your best. You can do this by building your knowledge and awareness while aligning your habits with your goals. This ensures you are building your knowledge to make the best choices for your specific body and goals.

The Take 30 Challenges focuses on our most successful strategies for forming new habits while building your knowledge in nutrition science.

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