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Thurs Mar 14, 2019

18 min AMRAP

15 Push ups to DB's

50' DB Lunge

100' DB Front Rack Carry


A big high five to everyone for another successful week of the Open. Every person that came out for Friday Night Lights at our South location helped earn points for their team!

Blue Steel, made an amazing comeback in week 3 and brought the spirit with jello shots and other treats, all in support of the Mienna Lamborn Memorial Fund for the Pattison Children's Hospital.

Marshall Siemens (Mustard Stains) discovered a talent for strict HSPUs (even edging out his bro!) and earned himself this week's Hustler Award.

Michelle Correia (Red Hot Chili Lifters) powered through her many reps in 19.3 with grace and a smile, earning this week's Technique Award.

Top scores went to:

Women's RX

1st - Courtney Berg (Blue Steel)

2nd - Jocelyn Rylee (beige team?)

3rd - Tarra Hall (Red Hot Chili Lifters)

Men's RX

1st - Ryan Cherny (Blue Steel)

2nd - Iain Maclean (Incredible Hulks)

3rd - Pat Lewis (Mustard Stains)

Women's Scaled:

1st - Marianne Saxton (Incredible Hulks)

2nd - Amanda Onishenko (Mustard Stains)

3rd - Carole Sutherland (Blue Steel)

Men's Scaled:

1st - Brian Boensch (Red Hot Chili Lifters)

2nd - Travis Nicholls (Mustard Stains)

3rd - Sean Killoran (Incredible Hulks)

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