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Fri May 3, 2019

With a partner: 80 Syncro bar facing burpees 4000m row, split as needed

*30 min time cap*

Today we're doing a partner version of the CrossFit Age Group Online Qualifer workout #2. After The Open, the top 200 athletes in each of the masters and teen age divisions was invited to participate in this weekend's AGOQ. Last night, CrossFit HQ released 5 workouts that must be completed (and videoed) by Monday evening. After this weekend's competition, the top 10 in each age category will be invited to compete at the CrossFit Games in August in Madison, WI. We're very excited for our #teambrio peeps Iain Maclean (54th worldwide 40-44 division) and Bonnie Maclean (125th worldwide 35-39 division) to be throwing down this weekend! We'll be playing along, sampling a few of the AGOQ workouts in the classes too!

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