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Tues July 9, 2019

OTM x 6:

Odd) 3 Front Squat - build from 75%

Even) 6 Back Squat - same as FS each round

WOD - In 7 mins

Bike, Ski or Row 50/40 Cal

Max Devils Press (50/35)


TODAY at 11am @ East location - Parents and Kids class

Kids need a little exercise this summer? Why not make it a family date! Bring the kids to workout WITH you at 11am on Tuesdays all summer long! Minimum age is 6 years old. Sign in on the BRIO app :-)

**New** Mon/Wed/Fri 7am Classes at our East location starting TOMORROW.

By request, we're trying out a 7am class! This will be followed by Open Gym from 8am - 9:30am which can be used to do the WOD (if 7am doesn't work for you), make up a missed workout, complete Weakness WOD programming, or do a mobility ROMWOD.

**Added** Thurs 11am Training Yard class

Also because you asked, we've added a day time option for our Thursday Training Yard workout. This class is perfect if you're planning to run a spartan race or mudrun this year. Workouts focus on the odd objects we have in the yard at our east location - scaling walls, tire flips, sledgehammers, sled pulls, rope climbs, parallel bars, kegs, logs etc.

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