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Week of April 22 - April 28

That's a wrap on Quarterfinals! Congrats to our qualifiers and to everyone who took part in the workouts this weekend. Thank you to all who came out Sunday afternoon for the final event and brought so much tasty food to the potluck!

Next up... The snow is melting (for real this time???) which means running season is upon us. You'll also see chances to build up the volume of bodyweight movements as we get ready for Murph in May.


NextGen summer camp: where your kids learn to cook and then they make you dinner! We also ruck, craft, workout, and play a ton of games. It's outdoors, active, and phone free.

Only 2 spots remain. Click here to register.


Workouts for the Week

Monday April 22

Tuesday April 23

Wednesday April 24

Thursday April 25

Friday April 26

Saturday April 27

Sunday April 28


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