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Week of April 29 - May 5

Aqua April is coming to an end, but please continue to keep up the habit of staying hydrated - particularly earlier in the day! In this episode we talk about the benefits of deliberately exposing yourself to hard things (like cold plunging) and the importance of getting outside and doing low intensity activities. Ruck-a-week will be back this summer!

2024 continues to be the year of the test driving new habits... Next up is our Meals Only May challenge. The goal here is to get rid of nonsense snacking and grazing and feed ourselves proper meals instead. You can eat as many meals in the day as you want, but to call it a "meal" we need it to contain at least 30g of protein from an animal source. Eggs, beef, bison, elk, moose, chicken, turkey, pork, dairy, fish, and shellfish all provide the amino acids you need, in the right amount, and in their most bioavailable form. Nutrients also tend to follow protein, so these are by far the best sources of important vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal human health like B12 (and all the B vitamins), zinc, iron, copper, calcium, creatine, carnitine, choline, retinol (Vitamin A), and Vitamin K2. All mammals eat to a protein target and then they stop eating, so if we undereat protein, we tend to overeat everything else.

Watch the podcast for more details!

Download this reference chart as a printable PDF and stick it to your fridge:

Meals Only May
Download PDF • 6.58MB

If you'd like to join my nutrition platform and track your protein intake (database and/or photo journal), comment PROTEIN below and I'll add you to it.


Workouts for the Week

Monday April 29

Tuesday April 30

Wednesday May 1

Thursday May 2

Friday May 3

Saturday May 4

Sunday May 5


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I sent you the invite a few days ago. Look for an email from Practice Better


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Tacha Hogan
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