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Week of June 10 - June 16

In this episode, we first touch on an update to a previously discussed topic. In a tragic blow to the treatment of mental health, and despite overwhelmingly positive data on its efficacy and safety, therapeutic use of MDMA for the treatment of PTSD has been denied by the FDA in the US. Yet other pharmaceutical drugs that cause far greater harm and do not effectively cure disease continue to be available. For a deep dive on this, watch our Mental Health Series from May 2023: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Healthcare is in crisis, no doubt, but the launch of the CrossFit Medical Society this week provides a bright light of hope on the horizon. Aiming to bridge the gap between fitness and healthcare, the CFMS will connect clinical practitioners with CrossFit coaches and community members with the goal of making the CF Affiliate a "health home". Anyone can join the CFMS for free at and follow @crossfitmedicalsociety on Instagram

On a similar theme, BRIO + Nutrition is getting a professional office within CrossFit BRIO! Wrapping up her Masters of Science in Human Nutrition, Jocelyn will be connecting clinical nutrition with fitness and training within the CF Affiliate.


Hopefully everyone is in by now, but just in case you missed the update email this week please make sure you have downloaded "Fit by Wix" (and deleted the old CF BRIO app). Use you same login credentials as before. If it prompts you for an access code, use "TEAMBRIO".


By Request... the recipes from the Team Breakfast

Freezer-friendly egg bites can be found at

The pancakes (also freezer-friendly) can be found on our website here: and many variations on as well. The versions we made were banana+peanut butter and pumpkin+peanut butter, both with the BRIO+ Cinnamon swirl protein powder


Workouts for the Week

Monday June 10

Tuesday June 11

Wednesday June 12

Thursday June 13

Friday June 14

Saturday June 15

Sunday June 16


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