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Week of May 13 - May 19

In this episode:

Taping your mouth shut at night for deeper sleep, less anxiety, better dental health, improved cardiovascular function, and a smarter brain. Whoa.

Melanin, found in many cells of the body not just the skin, may actually store some energy from the sun and provide an additional energy source for cells alongside ATP. Are humans solar powered? Whoa.

Question from the community: Should I buy Weightlifting Shoes?

Meals only May continues, we're aiming for minimum 30g of protein from animal sources at each meal (no snacks or nonsense grazing). Why don't we could the protein in plant foods?


Get your team registered for our 2nd annual Unite to Fight event and support coach Rana in her mission to give back to the Saskatoon Cancer Center that took such good care of her during her battle with breast cancer. Can't make it on June 2? No problem, we're still taking donations or raffle items. Click here for all the details!


One more spot has opened up for kids camp this summer! Fitness, crafting, games, and cooking. It's the camp where your kids learn how to make you dinner.


Workouts for the Week

Monday May 13

Tuesday May 14

Wednesday May 15

Thursday May 16

Friday May 17

Saturday May 18

Sunday May 19

Monday May 20

This May long weekend holiday Monday we'll be doing a team workout. After the WOD we'll be serving up a healthy breakfast - Eggs, Bacon, Fruit and Protein pancakes to show our appreciation for YOU. Join us for some hard work and fun times!

Please RSVP by Saturday


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