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Week of May 8 - May 14

May is Mental Health Awareness month

This is the first in a 3 part series we're doing on Mental Health. In this episode, we dig into the stats on mental health in Canada, recently published research that is rocking the field of psychiatry, and what depression is and isn't. Then we open up about our own personal experience with mental illnesses. We're getting real and be warned, it gets emotional. Ante- and Post-partum depression, anxiety, adverse childhood experiences, traumatic loss, and the raw reality of suicide.


Unite to Fight Community Fundraiser

for the Saskatoon Cancer Center Sunday June 11

We want to see everyone there for this community event!! Register your team or buy a BBQ ticket:

Support the fundraising efforts by purchasing Unicorn Power Apparel:


NextGen Summer Camps

are now available for registration! Fitness, crafting, and cooking for kids of our BRIO members age 9 and up (going into grade 4 or higher)


Get Yourself a Weight Vest!

For the summer months of July and August we'll be doing a "Ruck-a-week" challenge. More details to come, but it involves throwing on a weighted pack or weight vest and going for a 5km+ walk each week anywhere beautiful the summer takes you.

If you would like to own a weight vest of your own, we are organizing a bulk order of XM Plate Carriers (to save you the $30 shipping). Available in 14lb and 20lb - plates included!

Orders due by Wednesday May 10


Workouts for the Week

Monday May 8

Tuesday May 9

Wednesday May 10

Thursday May 11

Friday May 12

Saturday May 13

Sunday May 14


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