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Week of Nov 27 - Dec 4

For reference, Hong Kong consumes more meat per person (695g or 1.5lb per day) than any other nation and has the highest life expectancy in the world at 85.39 years and has been on an upward trend, while life expectancy in most other developed nations is declining. (India, on the other hand, has the second lowest per capita meat consumption in the world and their life expectancy is a full 17 years less at 68.3 years.)

They live in a densely packed urban environment with plenty of pollution, they're not particularly active, and their healthcare system is not great. AND YET... they live the longest.

countries with the greater meat intake have greater life expectancy and lower child mortality. This relationship is independent of the effects of caloric intake, socioeconomic status (GDP PPP), obesity, urbanization (lifestyle) and education.

Eat meat live longer!

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