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Week of Oct 24 - Oct 30

Enjoy this CrossFit Health webinar with Nina Teicholz, author of the Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat, and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet. This was CrossFit Health's September Book Club pick.


The next session of our CrossFit Kids NextGeneration program starts this Wednesday at 6:30pm and runs for 7 weeks to Dec 7. The program is open only to kids of our CrossFit BRIO members, ages 9 (grade 4) and up. Our program seeks to foster the enthusiasm kids have for running, jumping, throwing, climbing, and imitating their CrossFitting parents in a safe and encouraging setting. We focus first on developing balance, body control, flexibility, strength and proper mechanics and progress growing bodies appropriately as they move through various stages of physical and mental development.

"In the past, it was thought Resistance Training was detrimental to youth athletes and was specifically avoided out of concern for damage caused by the high forces exerted upon the adolescent skeleton resulting in concern for increased physical injuries and the potential for stunted growth. Multiple studies have since discredited this theory by demonstrating there is no adverse effects of RT in youth athletes, when designed properly, and is often completed injury free.

Instead, athletes who incorporate RT into their training regimen have demonstrated decreased rates of fracture, musculotendinous and muscle injuries associated with sport specific practice and competition. RT has been shown to decrease injury rates by increasing bone strength index (BSI) and mineral content, strengthening tendons and improving the strength of accessory muscles to prevent injury during practice and competition.

🌟Proper training programs involve knowledgeable trainers, effective supervision and tailored weight training🌟"


For the next edition of our community "Regularly Learn and Play New Sports" activity we'll be going to Grip-it Climbing center. No experience is required. We'll be using the bouldering section (no ropes) as well as their auto belay area. Family is welcome, just be sure to RSVP on their behalf so we know how many are coming. Look forward to seeing everyone there!

Costs will be $15 if you have gear or about $25 if you'll need to rent gear.


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