The Open is the global CrossFit competition of the year and it begins March 11, 2021. It's a 3 week long, online event, uniting hundreds of thousands of CrossFitters around in the world.


At BRIO, The Open is our biggest community event of the year. Dozens of our athletes will put themselves out there to test their fitness and we are there to support and encourage each other through the process. 

The Open


How to Register

Step 1: Starting Jan 7, visit and click the Register Button

Step 2: Login or Create a new account

Step 3: Fill Out your profile and choose CrossFit BRIO as your affiliate

Step 4: Tune in to every Thursday at 6pm

local time starting March 11 to find out what the week's event will be

Step 5: Show up Fridays ready to throw down! 


Judging will take place Fridays during regular classes all day. Sign in for any class on Mar 12, 19,  or 26 and plan do double duty as both athlete and judge - whether or not you are officially registered for The Open. 


At BRIO, we follow a one and done policy for all our participants whose aspirations do not extend beyond the Open, meaning we will only provide a judge for and validate one attempt at each workout. The Open is fun, but we don't want to lose focus on our regular training to the detriment of our overall fitness.


What is the point of The Open?

The point of The Open is to put your fitness to the test in a fun event with your BRIO community! The point is to accept a challenge, support your friends, and have a good time.

What is NOT the point of The Open?

The point is NOT to stress out, feel bad, or add any negativity to your life.

What if I can't make it on a Fridays?

The Open at BRIO is our Friday community event and this is the time we've set aside in our busy class schedule for The Open workouts. If you have to miss one week, don't worry too much - it's all just for fun! We can accommodate a make up time during any Open Gym time slot on our schedule and you will need to make arrangements for your own judge.

What if I can't RX a lot of movement or weights?

No problem! CrossFit has you covered with RX, Scaled, and Foundations (new this year) options for each workout.