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Monday Mar 6, 2017

It's BRING A FRIEND Day! Visitors are welcome to join us for a free workout in any class, all day long, at either location.

8 Min AMRAP Alternating with a partner 9 DB Thrusters 6 Partner Over Under rest 3 mins 8 Min AMRAP Working with your partner: Row 150m 5 Push ups 7 Sit ups 10 Jumping Lunges


A great day on Saturday for our 17.2 Throwdown! This workout presented the opportunity for lots of "firsts" (and points earned for the House Cup):

Michelle C (Yellow) - First Bar Muscle Up! Keana T (Green) - First Pull Ups! Kim K (Green) - First Pull Ups! Robyn K (Blue) - First Pull Ups! Katy B (Purple) - First Toes to Bar! Bjorn M (Red) - First Bar Muscle Ups! Jordhan M (Black) - First Pull Ups!

Smooth Like Butter won the SPIRIT Award thanks to their huge banner, homemade signs, matching head bands, and yellow outfits everywhere. The Spirit also showed through as plenty stuck around to cheer on their housemates all day long. Honorable mention, however, goes to the Purple Cobras who gave Yellow a serious run for it with their hilarious Purple Rain/Dodgeball video, the purple cupcakes (thanks Cakes by Jen) and their crazy outfits! We had to go to a neutral third party to make the final decision!

The TECHNIQUE award this week goes to Sarah Petriew for her very pretty Bar Muscle Ups. In a day full of chicken wing shoulders/elbows, she maintained precise control of each of her reps. What makes this even more impressive is that she had just done her first bar muscle up in Gymnastics Skills class on Friday night and managed to bang out all 16 reps in round 3!

The HUSTLER award goes to Bjorn Markentin from our CrossFit Kids program, competing in the 14-15 Teenage category. He had never done a bar muscle up before, but has been working hard on his strict pull ups. He missed a few attempts, but focused, committed, and got himself on top of that pull up bar an impressive 7 times! Amazing!

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes in the RX and Scaled division are still to be determined while scores continue to roll in before the deadline at 7pm tonight. Plenty of points still up for grabs!

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