Kids with Capes

The BRIO NextGen program seeks to foster the enthusiasm kids have for running, jumping, throwing, climbing, and imitating their CrossFitting parents in a safe and encouraging setting. We focus first on developing balance, body control, flexibility, and proper movement and progresses growing bodies appropriately as they move through various stages of physical and mental development. 

CrossFit BRIO

Next Generation

Course Structure

This is a 5 or 6 week pre-registered course. Training sessions will involve a skill development time (weightlifting or gymnastics), a workout, and a stretching portion. The primary focus of our NextGen course is core stability with a heavy emphasis on planks, farmer carries, hollow holds, and waiter walks. We put the principles of core stability into practice while working on the foundational movements of squats, push ups, pull ups, deadlifts, cleans, snatches etc. 

The Parent Mentor

Because we believe health and fitness is a family affair, the BRIO NextGen program is only open to children of our current BRIO members. Parent(s) will act as the program Mentor and will be involved in the fun! NextGen kids will have "homework" challenges each week to be done at home with their Parent/Mentor. Challenges will be fun activities to be completed together - 5 min in a plank, 100 partner burpees, spend an hour being active outdoors, cook a healthy dinner together, etc.

Report Cards

This 5/6 week course will focus on development in all 10 of the Generally Recognized Physical Skills: Strength, Cardio, Stamina, Flexibility, Speed, Power, Accuracy, Agility, Coordination, and Balance. At the end of the course, participants will receive a Skills Report Card so the Parent/Mentor can see their progress!