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Christmas Day Burpees

xmas burpees 2022.png

15th Annual
Christmas Day Burpees

At BRIO, we love our traditions and we have many. But coming up on Dec 25 is the greatest of them all:

150 Burpees, for time

It started as just a few of our earliest members getting in an at-home workout when the gym was closed for the holiday and over the last decade and a half has snowballed into a full on Christmas Day Burpee Bonanza. In living rooms and kitchens, on ski hills and beaches, at work and in grandma's basement thousands of burpees have been completed by members of the BRIO family far and wide.

Besides the benefit of getting in at least a little fitness over the holidays, by completing the traditional Xmas Day Burpees you unlock a coupon to purchase 6 or 12 months of Unlimited CrossFit at the best prices we offer all year.

Unlimited CrossFit (Reg Price $199/month)

Pre-purchase 6 Months $179/month

Pre-purchase 1 Year $169/month


Couples Unlimited CrossFit (Reg Price $319/month)

Pre-purchase 6 or 12 months $299/month

The only rule is that the burpees must be completed within the 24 hours of Dec 25. Be sure to share your photo in the BRIO Community Group on our website/app or tag us on Instagram @crossfitbrio and #xmasburpees.


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