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Starting CrossFit...

In Episode 003 of the BRIO in the Box Podcast, Jocelyn and David talk all about starting CrossFit. Topics include:

  • Who is CrossFit for?

  • Should you get in shape before starting CrossFit?

  • How we do things at BRIO

  • Proper attire and footwear for your first workout

  • The right mindset for success with CrossFit


Four 1-on-1 sessions with one of the top CrossFit coaches in the country followed by group classes led by our team of world class trainers


Join group classes and apply what you've learned to the Workout of the Day. Our coaches help you establish your fitness habits with weekly goals and check ins.


Learn, grow, and improve more than you ever thought possible!

The BRIO Foundations Program

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Our CrossFit program is delivered in a fun and motivating group environment with a variety of ages, sizes, and fitness levels represented in a class. Before you can jump in with the groups, however, you will need to go through our 12 week CrossFit Foundations Program. During this ramp-up phase we help you progress safely, establish the healthy habits you need for life, and teach you about the proper nutrition that maximizes your results.


In weeks 1-2 we'll start with 4 private personal training sessions scheduled at a time that works with both your schedule and ours. You'll get one-on-one time with one of the top CrossFit Coaches in the country to learn about:

  • safe and efficient technique for the movements we use

  • the CrossFit methodology

  • the guiding principles of the BRIO approach

  • appropriate scaling options for you

  • the basics of our recommended nutrition approach.


For the next 10 weeks, your fitness journey continues as you join our group classes. Coaches pay special attention to helping you apply all that you learned in your 4 private sessions to the WOD (Workout of the Day). They'll help you get the right workout for you and closely monitor your progress to maximize safety, efficiency, and efficacy. We help also you build your fitness routine with weekly accountability check ins and goals for attending classes. The number one most important thing during your Foundations weeks is to just show up.

BRIO Class schedule (new member).png


Week 3-4: Attend 4 CrossFit Classes
Week 5-6: Attend 5 CrossFit Classes
Week 7-8: Attend 6 CrossFit Classes
Week 9-10: Attend 7 CrossFit Classes
Week 11-12: Attend 8 CrossFit Classes


Crush your goals and earn $$$ rewards

We reward your commitment to your fitness! For each goal achieved, you earn a coupon toward your ongoing membership after Foundations is complete. Earn up to 50% off our regular rates just for showing up! Schedule a call with us below for all the details.


Individuals, students, and couples. 2x/week or unlimited CrossFit. Coaching, accountability, and nutrition support. We've got a membership option that's right for you!

Our rates range from $27 - 79 per week and our best prices are when you join with a friend. Request a call back and we'll find the right deal to suit your needs.

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