What's with all the acronyms??



Work Of the Day. This is the workout that appears every morning on our blog and on the whiteboard at the gym. It's the workout we are doing in each class, all day long.

As Many Rounds As Possible. This is a workout format where we're trying to do as much work as possible in a defined amount of time.

Rounds For Time.This is a workout format where we're trying to do a defined amount of work as fast as possible.

On The Minute or Every Minute On the Minute. This is a workout format where we're doing a set amount of work starting every minute and remaining time is rest. This is used largely for strength or skill work.

An "RX" beside a time or score denotes that the workout was done exactly "As Prescribed", ie with the exact weights, movements, and reps as written with no scaling.

Personal Record. To hit a "PR" means you lifted a new heaviest weight, completed a benchmark workout faster than before, or did more reps than previous attempts. 

Handstand Push Up. A bodyweight pressing movement done from a handstand position.

Glute Ham Developer. A piece of equipment used for sit ups, back extensions, and glute-ham raises

Your "goat" is the movement, time domain, or combo that is your greatest weakness

Thanks to their straight forward layouts, usually in warehouse-type spaces, CrossFit gyms are referred to as "boxes

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