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Friday May 25, 2018

#teambrio has arrived in Del Mar, CA! Courtney, Pat, Carly, and Parker are pumped and ready to represent the BRIO community on the compeition floor at the CrossFit Games West Regional this morning!! They'll be taking on Overhead Squats and double unders followed by the handstand walking obstacle in event 1 at 10:40am (yxe time), then the assault runner/chest to bar/worm combo in event 2 at 12:00pm. Watch on the live feed at or follow along on our Instagram (@crossfitbrio) for all the behind the scenes action! 


"Helen" 3 rounds Run 400m 21 KB swing (24/16kg) 12 pull ups Cash out - OTM x 12 1) Rope climb 2) Pistol 3) HS walk or hold 

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