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Wed Dec 12, 2018

OTM x 28

1-2 Rope climb

HS walk or wall walk

5-15 GHD sit up

10 RDL



By Coach Courtney, RD

Holiday parties, family gatherings, and an abundance of treats around the home and office can bring feelings of anxiety for those who have specific nutrition or athletic goals. So how do we manage healthy eating with all of the social events and parties? 1. Add … Don’t Subtract! If you’re in the “diet mentality” each day will feel like a battle to avoid the “bad foods.” Flip it. When eating better, think about adding and not subtracting. Don’t avoid the treats and dessert. Just add the healthy stuff. Including plenty of veggies and fruit at each meal is a great place to start! Tip #1: Enjoy a whack load of veggies and fruit and don’t stress about the rest. When you load up on veggies and fruit, there is less room (or desire) leftover for foods that don’t support athletic endeavors or energy levels.

Sneak veggies and fruit on your plate in as many ways as you enjoy. Some ideas:

  • Make half your plate fruits and veggies at every meal (you can even do this at a holiday gathering!)

  • Contribute a veggie based appetizer like raw veggies and hummus or a homemade dip (see this recipe!) so you know there will be a veggie option at the event

  • Bring fresh fruit or berries as a dessert contribution

Try fruit kebabs, veggie kebabs, or a veggie platter with hummus or Bolthouse ranch dressing.

2. Savour Your Favorites Take some time to reflect on which treats are truly special to you. It is common to have food FOMO (“fear of missing out”) with endless tasty treats available. Consider the quote by Evelyn Tribole when choosing your favorite treats: “if you don’t love it, don’t eat it. If you do love it, savour it.”

Chances are your true favorites aren’t the Pot of Gold chocolates, the generic donuts from Tim Hortons, or the store bought cupcakes. These treats can be purchased and enjoyed at any time. Consider opting for "treats" that are unique to the season, have special memories, or are homemade. Tip #2: Only eat your holiday favorites that are special to the season. It might be the homemade butter tart your grandma makes, the stuffing that you only have at Christmas dinner, or a buttery shortbread cookie while decorating the Christmas tree.

3. Sit Down

A couple bites while preparing your dish, some extra snacks from the coffee table spread of appetizers, and snacking on the leftovers while cleaning up from the meal can add a substantial amount of unneeded calories and sugar. When you mindless munch, you are more likely to overeat. More importantly, you aren’t taking the time to truly savour and enjoy the food. Tip #3: Make it a rule that you will sit down whenever you are eating. By sitting down, you avoid distraction and truly can savour your food. Eat your food slowly taking breaks between bites. As such, you will feel satisfied and avoid overeating or excess consumption of treats and sweets.


The holidays are about friends, family, joy, giving, and of course… good food! When sticking to your healthy eating goals, make it a habit to

  1. Add healthy foods (eg. veggies and fruits!)

  2. Savour the treats that are special to you

  3. Sit down to enjoy your meals or treats

By following three simple tips, you can enjoy all that the holiday season has to offer and stay on track with healthy eating!

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