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Week of Feb 19 - Feb 25

Team BRIO is in for Year 14 of the CrossFit Open! That means we've been a part of every single one since the beginning. Everyone should join in. We guarantee you'll have at least 51% fun! Head to to register.

Mark your calendar for Friday Night Lights March 1, 8, and 15th

What is The Open, you say?? Visit for all the info and Check out the episodes of the BRIO in the Box podcast that we put out in 2023 and 2022 on the history of the competition and how it works now, the global CrossFit community, who should do it (psst, it's everyone!), common movements to expect, what's on the equipment list, and the benefit of being faced with something you suck at.


Winter Session II of our NextGen CrossFit Kids program starts next week on Wednesday Feb 28. We pair fitness with fun and get kids enjoying the gym, at age 9 and up!


Workouts for the Week

Monday Feb 19

Tuesday Feb 20

Wednesday Feb 21

Thursday Feb 22

Friday Feb 23

Saturday Feb 24

Sunday Feb 25


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