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BRIO at the BESS Day!

BRIO at the BESS

Sunday July 16, 2017

Partner Workout 1:00pm - 2:30pm

Patio Party 3:00pm - whenever

We're getting amped and excited to support Iain Maclean, as he heads off to represent BRIO at the CrossFit Games in Madison, WI in a few weeks. We've got an awesome community day planned in the gardens of the Bessborough Hotel to show our support for him, hang out with each other, and do some fitness in one of the most beautiful spaces in Saskatoon!

Part 1 will be a partner workout in guy/guy, girl/girl, or guy/girl pairs (scaled or RX versions of the workout available). Cost is $20/person and each person must register online here. Originally our plan was to raise funds to support Iain's trip to the Games, but being the totally awesome human that he is, Iain has asked that proceeds be donated to a children's charity.

Part 2 will be a patio party in the Metric Lounge outdoor space at the Bess. Showers are available on site in the hotel fitness facility for anyone that would like to get cleaned up before party time. There will be a DJ pumping beats and we'll be supplying a bouncy house for the kids to play!

Everyone is welcome to join us for an awesome day of BRIO at the BESS!

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