Friday July 14, 2017

OTM x 10 @ 75% for each Odd - Front squat x 2 - from floor Even - Push Jerk x 2 - from rack

In 3 mins Row 20/15 cals 20 Thrusters (95/65) max Du's or bar hops Rest 3 mins In 3mins row 20/15 cals 15 thrusters(115/80) Max du's or bar hops rest 3 mins In 3 mins Row 20/15 cals 10 thrusters (135/95) Max du's or bar hops


Gluten Free and Low Carb Bread

This bread isn't the same as "regular" bread but it is a nice treat for those who eat gluten-free or prefer a low carb option. Use it to make sandwiches, French toast, toast it and top it with fresh avocado, make a breakfast sandwich, or top it with peanut butter and chia jam.

The recipe is fun to make but is a bit tricky. Read through the directions to make sure your loaf turns out perfectly! It took me a few tries to get it right.

You can use this recipe as base for a variety of flavours:

  • Cinnamon bread: add a tablespoon of honey and cinnamon

  • Dill bread: add fresh dill and grated garlic

  • Cheese bread: fold in grated cheddar cheese to the final mixture before baking

Ingredient Notes:

Cream of Tartar: helps the egg whites form soft peaks and prevents them from deflating in the oven for a voluminous loaf Egg white powder: is used to help the bread rise into a fluffy loaf. You can purchase it at Bulk Barn. Almond flour: you can make your own almond flour by grinding 165g of almonds in a food processor or purchase it pre-ground at Bulk Barn

I had low expectations for this recipe was pleasantly surprised when it turned out and had a light and airy texture. It's not something that I would make often but it was fun to experiment with a more challenging recipe. It would make a nice treat for those who prefer to eat gluten free, primal, or low carb. Each slice is similar in calories to regular bread with more calories coming from fats over carbs!