Week 3 Recap

18.3 certainly laid down a challenge and continued to round out the test that is The Open!

The Firebreathers take the spirit award this week thanks to their extra effort on decorating and pumping up the enthusiasm!

HUSTLER - Nominated by several spectators, this one goes to Ashley Young for fighting her way through those near-max overhead squats and getting thisclose to her first muscle up.

TECHNIQUE - this one goes to Kory Gursky for his strong muscle ups. He's been putting in the work and hit not only his first one ever, but got a total of 5 in the workout! No chicken wing!

TOP Scores:

Women's RX

1st - Courtney Berg (664 reps) Purple Pistols

2nd - Carly Neil (659 reps) Green to the Extreme

3rd - Bonnie Maclean (655 reps) E-lemon-ators

Men's RX

1st - Iain Maclean (685 reps) Blue Steel