Wed July 11, 2018

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Cabbage & Sausage Foil Packets

by Coach Courtney, RD

Do you hate doing dishes? Me too! That's why I looooove this recipe.

This simple recipe can be prepared in the oven but it is also perfect for camping or BBQ season. This foil packet recipe is an effortless meal being both quick to assemble and clean-up. You can reduce the carbohydrates by using only cabbage instead of cabbage and potatoes. You can reduce the fat using low-fat sausage or eliminating the butter in the recipe. I used sweet potato but you could use white potato as well!

I used the Connie's Kitchen Feta & Spinach Sausage from Costco but have also used the Freybe Turkey and Chicken Sausage from Costco. Search out a sausage with less fat per serving - there are usually a variety of options at any grocery store (or choose your favorite, higher fat sausage - totally up to you!).