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Thurs Jan 24, 2019

OTM x 30

1) Bike - 15/10 Cals

2) 50' HS walk or 30 sec Hold

3) 15 Speed Burpees

4) 2 Rope climb

5) 15/10 Ski Cals or Shuttle runs

6) 15 Hollow body Rock


Create vs Consume

by Coach Courtney, RD

Are you creating your world or consuming it? We live in an area with so much information readily available to us and access at our fingertips. It’s amazing. It’s wonderful. But it can all be distracting and overwhelming. I consume a lot - and not just food. I consume content from Instagram, Facebook, articles, YouTube videos, blogs, advertisements, books, and emails. I love consuming. It provides inspiration. But there is a fine line between feeling inspired and feeling “bogged down” by the content we are consuming. I rarely feel productive after mindlessly scrolling IG for 30 minutes... Be mindful of the ratio that you consume versus create. When I consume more than I create, I feel drained. Like I am comparing myself to others or like I am not doing enough. When I focus on shifting the ratio to creating more than I consume, I feel happier, more confident, and productive. I encourage you to monitor how much you consume versus create. Is the ratio balanced? Creating takes so many unique forms. You can create through cooking, writing blog posts, photography, gardening, or music. Or perhaps you are creating meaningful memories or relationships with friends or family. Cooking is my favourite creative outlet. The photos is for my Slow Cooker Thai Coconut Soup which I first created last year. The perfect soup for a cold winter day and balanced with protein, fibre, healthy fats, and volume from a variety of colourful veggies! Click here for the full recipe.

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