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Sun Jan 10, 2021

OT90x6: Clean pull + Hang Clean + Clean

Build from 50%


12 min AMRAP

5 Power cleans (185/125)

10 kipping HSPU - no abmats

10 Pull Ups


12 min AMRAP

5 Power cleans (185/125)

7 Strict HSPU - no abmats

5 Bar MU


12 min AMRAP

5 Power cleans @70% of 1RM

10 DB Push Press or Push Ups

10 Banded/jumping pull ups or ring rows


Happy birthday today to Scott B!!


The Open is now available for registration! It's the biggest, global CrossFit event of the whole year! In 2021 it will be 3 weeks (instead of 5) and CrossFit is bringing us RX, Scaled, and even an equipment-free division, along with new adaptive athlete divisions, quarterfinals, and other fun stuff.

Visit to register or learn more and checkout for more info on how it works here at BRIO.



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