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Monday Dec 26, 2016

Holy Smokes you guys!! At last count, 139 people completed their 150 burpees bringing the total count to over TWENTY THOUSAND burpees done all over the map yesterday. We saw pajamas, snow suits, and bikinis, burpees completed in the early morning, late at night, lightning fast and slow as a turtle! It's so great to see everyone united in their shared suffering, even though we're spread out all over the place for the holidays. Wonderful job Team BRIO!!

Boxing day classes are 11am and noon today at BRIO East.

Pause Back Squat x 2 OT90x 6 - @ 65%

With a partner: AMRAP in 16 mins 12 Partner Over/Unders 2 Rope climbs 6 Partner Deadlift

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