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Wednesday Feb 8, 2017

Power clean EMOM x 5 3 @ 50 2 @ 60 2 @65 1@70 1@75 Then 3 mins to establish 1RM

5 Rounds: 10 Power Cleans (135/95) 10 Bar-Facing Burpees


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Nutrition Wednesday with Vitality Nutrition


Submitted by: Stephanie Brooks, RD

A few years ago, you may have seen a research study from the University of Alberta go viral boldly stating that drinking a glass of red wine is as healthy as an hour at the gym. Dietitians and other health professions across North America rolled their eyes as people began citing the research as an excuse to skip the gym and indulge in a few extra glasses of wine. The research focused on an antioxidant found in red wine called resveratrol which may improve heart, muscle, and bone function. Although the science behind the health benefits of resveratrol is promising, the results of the study were over generalized and exaggerated. The head researcher behind the study later clarified their results stating that they did not use red wine nor did they recommend skipping the gym.

The good news…

When consumed in moderation, alcohol can be part of a healthy diet. Enjoying an alcoholic beverage with friends and family can be an integral part of social interaction.

But is it worth it?

Before reaching for that drink, take a minute to think about your overall health and fitness goals. Having a few drinks will undoubtedly affect your performance in the gym the next day. It will affect your ability to lose weight and may prevent you from reaching your macronutrient target. Alcohol is considered a macronutrient as it provides calories per gram. Unlike the other macronutrients, these are considered to be “empty calories” as they provide no nutritional benefits. A night out drinking often ends in a trip to the closest fast food chain to curb those cravings for foods you wouldn’t normally eat. In the end, if you do decide to have a few beverages, you might want to consider these tips to prevent that morning after regret.

15 oz serving of Long Island Ice Tea: Calories: 454 kcal Sugar: 62g

Red Velvet Cupcake from Crave:

Calories: 497 kcal

Sugar: 45g

1. Food first

Having something to eat before or while you are having a few beverages will help slow the rate the alcohol is absorbed into our body preventing us from going completely “off the rails.” Make sure your snack consists of protein and fat and try to limit the amount of carbohydrates in your meal as there will be plenty in the alcoholic beverages.

2. Plan ahead

Have a game plan going into the evening and stick to it. It can be easy to get caught up in the moment, especially if your friends are being extra generous and have offered to buy the next round. Take a minute to remind yourself of your health goals. Will having that next drink prevent you from reaching them? If the answer is yes, respect your initial game plan and switch to water!

3. Stay hydrated

Alcohol affects a hormone in our body involved in urine regulation causing us to become dehydrated. Drink non-alcoholic beverages between drinks to help you stay hydrated.

4. Make it a spritzer

If you are having a glass of wine or two, try adding carbonated water. This will help you stay hydrated without adding extra sugar and will enable you to pour that next drink without going overboard.

5. Choose low sugar or low carbohydrate beverages and cocktails.

Choose dry white and red wines and champagnes. Apple ciders that are labeled as “dry” contain less sugar. Avoid the wine coolers, spiked lemonades, margaritas and other sweet cocktails that are loaded with sugar. Always skip the sugary mixes and instead opt for club soda, diet soda, Mio, or lime juice.

Bottom line: You should never feel pressured to drink. People should respect your decision to stay sober and stick to your health goals. Remember that everyone loves the designated driver who saves their friends money on cab rides!

Check out our previous post "Tracking Alcohol" if you are curious how alcohol can be accounted for in your total caloric and macronutrient goals.

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