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Sat Mar 4, 2017

First bar muscle ups for Malary in 16.3.

To scale or not to scale?

The Open is a time to accept a challenge! Because even one rep of the RX version is ranked above a zillion reps of the scaled version, We usually encourage people to take a shot at the Rx (as long as it's possible/safe). There's always plenty of firsts throughout the open because of that - first muscle ups, first pullups, first t2b, etc. That being said, you could always choose a different goal and try to crush the scaled version and earn some points for your house. There's opportunities for victories everywhere!


OTM x 10 - build from 65% Odd - Front Squat x 3 Even - Push Press x 3

5 rounds for reps: 30 sec Wall Balls (20/14) 30 sec Box Jumps (24") 30 Sec Rest

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