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March 13, 2017

Back Squat: 4 reps OT2M x 3 @ 80%

OTM x 10 Odd - 30s DU's Even - 30s HSPU at 12:00 5 min Max rep Wall Balls

Such a crazy fun day on Saturday for our 17.3 throwdown! A chaotic workout with the first barbell of The Open combined with the level of effort everyone was putting in to those snatches electrified the energy in the gym!

The SPIRIT award this week goes to The Purple Cobras. They came to win and were not messing around, declaring "redemption" early in the week by papering the gym in custom posters. Friday night a sneaky group decked out the whole gym in purple balloons, signs, streamers, and ribbons everywhere. Honorable mention, however, goes to House Blue for their all-blue candy shop and BCAA shooters, contagion-style approach to recruiting more members with blue paint high fives, and the matching super hero shirts. What truly tipped the scales in favor of House Purple was "Princess Purple" Carolanne who completed 24 mins of the workout in a tiara and purple satin dress!! You guys are all amazing and each week you've taken the spirit to new and hilarious heights. We can't wait to see what the next 2 weeks bring...

The HUSTLER award goes to Shane Carriere from Blue Steel. Every time we see him, Shane is putting in time on his mobility. It paid off big time in this workout when he was able to hit the depth on each of his squat snatches. He's also been attacking his pull ups. We love seeing people putting in the work!

The TECHNIQUE award goes to Jory Cooper, Leader of Blue Steel. Jory has been put blood, sweat, and years into refining both his pull ups and his squat snatches. It's a pleasure to watch him move throughout a workout like this!

More points are still up for grabs as the scores continue to roll in. Remember, due to daylight savings time, scores must be submitted by 6pm tonight. Get em in!

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