Wed Apr 5, 2017

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15 Min AMRAP, alternating with a partner 10 Wall Ball 8 Burpee 6 Line sprint Cashout OTM x 10 odd Romanian DL x 6 even Plank 30-45s


Nutrition Wednesday - Bibimbap Bowl

Submitted by Kalene Kammer

After spending a few months last year travelling, my boyfriend and I have tried to recreate yummy foods that we found along our travels. Although we never made it to Korea, I have always wanted to try their cuisine. I stumbled upon a recipe for Bibimbap Bowl – this dish hits all the right spots and the best part is that it is topped with a runny egg!

This recipe is easily substitutable to make it suit your personal preferences or needs

  • Ground beef can be swapped out for lean turkey/chicken;

  • Lower carb choices such as cauliflower rice could be used;

  • Swap out vegetables for more variety – the first time I made this dish was with spinach but any leafy green would work great.

Yield: 2 servings

Ingredients for the Bowl:

1-2 sec spritz of olive oil or ½ tbsp camelina oil if daily fat allows