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Saturday June 3, 2017

"Nate" 20 Min AMRAP 2 Muscle ups 4 HSPU 8 KB swing (32/24) compare to Aug 10/16, Oct 10/15 Scaled 4 Strict Pull up 6 Ring dip 8 KB swing

Day 1 came with a few stumbles (literally), but overall Team BRIO held their own, finishing both events 1 and 2 under the time caps. An 18th and a 19th place finish has us sitting in 20th place going in to day 2. Thanks for the many message of support from all of you at home. It's great to have such a wonderful community back up our regional team!!

They'll be taking on event 3 in heat 2 at 10:30am (YXE time) and event 4 at 12:05pm. We'll be live streaming their event on our FB page, as well as continuing to post the behind the scenes on our FB and Instagram pages. You can also watch the CF Games coverage at

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