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Monday June 5, 2017

Aaaaand that's a wrap for West Regionals 2017! Our worst finish (24th) was followed by our best finish (13th) on day 3, closing out the weekend in a solid 16th place among 30 teams. The team executed well all weekend and worked very well as a team. The best part though, is after a long weekend of competing and living together in one house, you still find #teambrio congregated in one room, snuggling and hanging out purely because they enjoy each other as human beings. Regardless of what happens on the competition floor, they are all still friends no matter what when it's over! All the discussion around the competition is already focused on how we can continue to improve for next year. The team will be bringing back a renewed passion for attacking our weaknesses, checking our egos, and leaving no doubt! Thanks to the BRIO community for all the support and well wishes this weekend. It means a lot to have such a passionate group supporting our team from the home front.


OTM x 12 Odd - 4 Back Squat -build from 75% Even - 5 Strict Pull up (weighted if able)

1 min Box Jumps (24") 2 min Burpees 3 min Burpee Box jumps

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