Wed Aug 30, 2017

4 mins AMRAP 12 DB Snatch 6 Burpee Box Jumps 4 min rest 4 min AMRAP 12 DB OH Lunge 8 Toe to Bar 4 min rest 4 min AMRAP 12 DB Overhead Squat 24 Double Unders



By Coach Courtney, RD

I typically eat at least one salad per day - and I almost always use the Bolthouse salad dressings on my salad! They add a ton of flavor but are less calorie dense than many other salad dressings on the market. This provides the flexibility to add other tasty toppings to my salad like cheese, avocado, and nuts while staying within my calorie or macronutrient goals for the day.

You can find the Bolthouse salad dressings in the refrigerated section of Sobeys, Safeway, or Wal-mart (next to the pre-made salads).

This week, I used the Bolthouse ranch dressing in a recipe for Buffalo Chicken Salad mixture. Some ways I enjoyed this recipe:

  • Added to lettuce boats for a low-carb meal

  • Sandwiched between whole grain bread or a multigrain thin bun

  • Added as a protein to a voluminous salad (I use spinach as the base and top it with the Buffalo Chicken mixture, blue cheese, and avocado!)