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Sunday Sept 10, 2017

Good luck on the final day of competition to all the awesome people of #TeamBRIO throwing down at the BridgeCity Beatdown!! Come on down to the golf dome to check out the action!

Gymnastics Practice - 5 rounds, not for time 1-2 Strict Ring muscle up

2-3 Strict ring pull up

2-3 strict Toes through rings HS walk 25' Scaled:

5 ring pull ups or Ring Rows

5 Strict leg raises

30 sec HS hold or 1 min plank

WOD - 3 rounds 30 KB swings 30 Burpees 30 Cal Row


11am Monster Mash - a high volume dose of pure CrossFit designed for the experienced CrossFitter

For time:

30 med ball cleans (30/20)

Row 20/15 cals

30 bear hug jump squats

Row 20/15 cals

30 Wall balls

Row 20/15 cals


For time, partition in any order

30 Strict Pull Ups

30 Strict Dips

30 Strict Toes to Bar


3 Rounds:

Sled Drag

Run 400m

D-Ball Carry

Handstand walk

15 GHDs with ball

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