Saturday Oct 28, 2017

Push Press: 2 reps OT90 X 6 sets - build from 70%

OR Deadlift 4 Cancer (see below)

6 rounds, for reps 1 min Assault Bike (cals) 1 min Burpee 1 min Row (cals) 1 min Rest

Deadlift 4 Cancer is an event organized by our friends at Synergy Strength in support of a member of their community, Dr. Amy Smith-Morris and her foundation Surviv(her).

Surviv(her) was born when founder, Dr. Amy (cancer pharmacist), was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Diagnosed at the age of 30, Amy began looking for support while she battled cancer. But many of the support groups or services target much older survivors, who do not have the same struggles and concerns as young women being diagnosed. So began Surviv(her).

To participate in Deadlift 4 Cancer you can: