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Wednesday Jan 10, 2018

5 rounds: In 2 mins round of "DT" (155/105) Max cal row or bike rest 2 min Cash out: 2 min Max reps HSPU or Push ups + Accumulate 2 mins in a hollow body hold


Athlete Spotlight: Carolanne Inglis-Mcquay

Vitality Nutrition Client and CrossFit BRIO Member

Posted by Coach Courtney, RD

It is hard to summarize Carolanne's amazing character in a simple paragraph. She is superwoman. Carolanne is amazingly humble, always thinking of others, and her actions follow her words (ie. she gets sh*t done). Despite her many commitments (including a busy travel schedule for work and carrying for her family), Carolanne continues to conquer her fitness and nutrition goals. She is truly a positive presence and an inspiration to everyone she encounters! We know you'll enjoy reading her words of wisdom.

1) What is the book (or books) you’ve recommended the most often and why?

Two books I give away or recommend all the time. Oh, The Places You Will Go, by Dr. Suess. It’s the greatest rhyming book I’ve found to capture how I think life happens for all of us. “Will you succeed? You, you will, you will indeed. 98 and three quarters guaranteed!”. The other book I recommend all the time is Cooks Illustrated. It’s a cook book that details the science behind why each recipe is perfection. Because I love to cook and learn at the same time, it’s my go-to book for all the people I love! 2) What purchase of $100 or less has most positively impacted your life in the past 6 months (or recent memory)?

Two things. My BeLikeBruce sweatshirt. Every morning I put it on and am reminded of him. It makes me cozy and warm, and allows me to quietly share the message of the power he instilled in all of us. Second thing is my new CrossFit journal I bought two days ago. It is reflective of the fact that I have completed an entire book of workouts, of which I am incredibly proud. It will be the space where I put my new goals into, and will remind me that one page at a time, I’m making a difference in my own life.

Carolanne finishing an Ironman - she is one accomplished lady!

3) What is an unusual food or flavour combination that you love?

I love peanut butter and pickles. And I loved this combo well before I was ever pregnant! 4) Throughout your nutrition journey, what new behaviour or habit was been fundamental in reaching your goals?

The new behaviour I have adapted throughout my journey has been to more clearly understand portion control for me. I had often felt like I had a couple of things fundamentally alter my perception of portion control - 1) hard core long distance triathlon training - where I simply couldn’t eat enough food for the amount of energy I was using; and 2) breastfeeding two babies, where I really was feeding another human being with my eating! These two things, in combination with being a very busy mother, wife and full time employee, truly affected my understanding of what I needed to eat just for me, and for normal life. Weighing and measuring had the effect on me to learn what a normal portion looks like for me. 5) What advice would you give to a new Vitality client embarking on a nutrition journey?

You have to be ready to do it for you. It helps to understand the true reasons you are seeking a change. You have to ask yourself if you truly interested in learning, growing, making mistakes and being humbled. Because this is hard to do sometimes. Sometimes it’s hard to say no to the pressure to eat things you don’t really want to eat - food pressure is all around us all the time - but if you understand your vision, it’s easier to stay the course. Oh, and be kind to yourself. But that is advice I would give anyone all the time.

"I was in the throes of motherhood of a 2.5 month old and a 6 month old - and likely around 180 lbs." 6) When you felt overwhelmed with your nutrition goals or lifestyle changes, what did you do to get back on track or stay on course?

When I feel overwhelmed about what is going on, I think about my kids. I want to be able to play with them, run with them, generally keep up with them. And it’s easier to do when I feel energized with good food, while not carrying around an extra 20 pounds. That’s a heavy wall ball, you know?!

"Throwing Fern up into the air is unknown! But at the point where I am not tracking but just eating sensibly" 7) If we opened your fridge or pantry, what one ingredient would we always find?

If you opened my fridge, you would always find eggs. And a cabbage. I love eggs so much and add them to everything. And I learned to love cabbage when I lived in the arctic. We had to order food from Yellowknife, and it would be delivered by the plane. We paid for a lot of frozen spinach before we realized that cabbages take a lot longer to freeze! And so the love for cabbage was born. Added to stir frys, salads or eaten just raw - it’s a go to in my fridge!

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