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Thursday Mar 1, 2018

For time:

Row 1K or Bike 2.4K 7 rounds of Cindy Row 750m or Bike 2K 5 rounds of Cindy Row 500m or Bike 1.2K 3 rounds of Cindy


In addition to alllllllll the fun we get have with our teams during The Intramural Open, this year we added a "give back" challenge (Carolanne's idea!). It's an open ended challenge for the teams to earn an extra 10 points by putting some kindness out there in to the world in any way they wanted.

Check out what the teams are working on so far! Not like there was any doubt before, but this definitely solidifies that the BRIO community is full of the absolute best people. Wow!! We are totally blown away with the great causes they have chosen to support and the cool ways they are gathering donations.

Even if you aren't doing The Open, you can still give back by donating money, purchasing items, bringing recyclables, donating blood, or bringing in items for the food bank. Read more below!

House Yellow AKA The E-Lemon-ators are working to kick butt in the open and kick childhood cancer's ass at the same time! You can support pediatric cancer research by buying some really comfy socks or a great recipe book. Socks are $15/$20 and the recipe book is $20. We will be selling them on Saturdays for the next 4 weeks at Brio during the Open Judging times. You can also make a donation. All proceeds go to the Children's Cancer Therapy Development Institute.


Go GREEN team Brio!! GREEN to the EXTREME is proud to support our heroes in the skies at STARS (Shock Trauma Air Rescue Foundation) through a recycling drive each Saturday of The Open! Bring all of your sarcan approved recycling to the gym, to help us go green and support these life saving hero's in our community! Drop your CLEAN items in the backyard at BRIO East! We are also lucky to announce that, thanks to George R., Nutrien (formerly Potash Corp) will generously match our final total!! Let's do this Team Brio!!


Working together with House Yellow to support pediatric cancer treatment, House Red aka The Firebreathers will be leading a blood drive, in honor of little Lennon, a close friend of Jovi’s, who is not yet two years old and fighting acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

They are going to challenge as many Brio members as possible to sign up to donate blood after the Open (and arrange two or three special nights just for us) because cancer patients often need transfusions when their hemoglobin gets too low.


House Blue aka Blue Steel know there's a lot more to life than being really, really, really, ridiculously good looking. So they are working together to help the Saskatoon Food Bank! They will be collecting donations on Saturdays throughout the Open at BRIO.

Here is a link for more information on what is needed:

In addition to food, they will always take cash donations and the clothing depot is always in need of new and gently used undergarments and socks, especially for kids.

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