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18.5 Wrap Up

That's a wrap on the 2018 CrossFit Open! Week 5 left us tasting old pennies with that special "Fran" feeling in our lungs and gave us one more chance to push it to the limit 😫 Thank you SO much to everyone who participated, put their fitness to the test, supported their friends, and donated to the "give-back challenge" causes. This was definitely our favorite year!

On our final Saturday, E-lemon-ators showed up in style with the most team members present, while the Firebreathers earned the spirit points thanks in no small part to the homecoming queen Carolanne Inglis-McQuay, who completed 98 reps of 18.5 while wearing a fabulous 80s prom dress and rocking a crimped pony. Classic!!

TECHNIQUE - this goes to Kim Cooper who has been moving with spectacular attention to her form throughout the open and continued to this week while crushing thrusters and C2B pull ups. Kim gave birth to sweet baby Maise barely 2 months ago! Way to go mama ❤️

HUSTLER - this goes to Brian Mallard, our oldest Open participant (aka the most legendary of The Legends), who took on the masters RX version of 18.5. Although a heart condition leaves him prone to fainting, if a tumor in his ticker a few years back didn't take him down, he wasn't about to let thrusters and pull ups get the best of him!

Top Scores: RX Women: 1st - Bonnie Maclean (140 reps) E-lemon-ators 2nd - Courtney Berg (136 reps) Purple Pistols 3rd - Viki Cirkvencic (131 reps) Blue Steel

RX Men: 1st - Parker Siemens (145 reps) Firebreathers 2nd - Iain Maclean (140 reps) Blue Steel 3rd - Patrick Lewis (120 reps) E-lemon-ators

Scaled Women: 1st - Tayler Mccarty (165 reps) Green to the Extreme 2nd - Hannah Salapa (154 reps) Blue Steel 3rd - Amanda Onishenko (142 reps) Green to the Extreme

Scaled Men: 1st - Greg Potter (141 reps) Blue Steel 2nd - Troy Wruck (134 reps) Blue Steel 3rd - Roger Parenteau (130 reps) Firebreathers

In the end, The Firebeathers pulled ahead to take the overall lead. Way to go team! This year brought magical moments for many with new PRs, new movements achieved, and new levels of trying hard unlocked. Disappointments and frustrations too, have left many of us with fuel to fire up our training in the year ahead. Training for 2019 starts NOW! 😉

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